How to make a silicon mold for making a candle

There are many crafts that could be done around the world. Thankfully they could be easily shared nowadays with the help of the internet. Before if one becomes known or a trend then you can watch them on television or hear on the radio or read it in magazines or newspapers. Now you can just search the internet and you can even find many tutorials on it. Tips and techniques are being shared and so you can choose what you like the best and follow it.

In the above video is how to make a silicon mold so that you can make your own candle with your desired form. You can be creative with it and you can make as many as you want. The materials could be bought easily so you can also try them if you want. If you cannot find them in your area then you can buy it online. That is another good things at these times. If you can’t buy something at your place, you can order them online.

In the video, you can see that it is easily done. When you see candles with many forms you now have an idea how they were made. If your child wants to do something that is new then you can be able to teach them this one. Be sure to help them do it as they might cause an accident especially in melting the wax. Doing something as a family is a good way to have a bonding together.