The Advantages and Disadvantages of Candles

Candles are important whether at home or in restaurants. It is being used for various reasons. In restaurants, they need colorful and scented candles for a romantic candlelight dinner. And if there is a sudden blackout, it would be good if every household prepares candles in case of emergency. Like this, candles are that important. Just make sure that when you light a candle, don’t allow it to fall or put near a window because that will cause fire which is dangerous especially if not noticed immediately.

As mentioned, one of the advantages of candles is for decoration especially during a candlelight dinner. Couples will feel good having candles during their dinner date especially women. And usually, fine dining restaurants and beach resorts offers a romantic candlelight dinner. Scented candles too are being used in a beauty spa. The aroma coming out from scented candles is pleasing to the nose. It gives a good feeling to the customers. Best also of you got the design with the ideas coming from this decorating company 室內設計. Even in fine dining restaurants, scented and colorful candles will be appreciated.

For the disadvantages, candles, especially lighted candles is one of the root cause of fire. It is not always recommended to light candles when there is a blackout especially if it is windy outside. If you light a candle, make sure that wind will not come inside your house. So, close the doors and the windows. Also, never put a lighted candle near a window with curtain or near a cloth. There were a lot of cases wherein the root cause of fire is a lighted candle.